COVID-19 Resources for Families

A joint legal order announced on March 16, 2020 directs residents in Alameda, San Mateo, Contra Costa, Marin, San Francisco and Santa Clara counties to shelter at home for three weeks beginning Tuesday, March 17. At this time, the order has been extended through May 3rd and is expected to be continued through the end of May. Residents are encouraged to wear masks when going outside, and to only leave their homes to obtain essential services.

According to this order, essential services include:

  • Healthcare Operations – hospitals, clinics, dentists, pharmacies. Please note that this does not include fitness and exercise gyms and similar facilities.
  • Grocery Stores – supermarkets, convenience stores and other establishments engaged in the retail sale of canned food, dry goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, pet supply, fresh meats, fish and poultry, and any other household consumer products (such as cleaning and personal care products).
  • Banks and related financial institutions.
  • Restaurants and other facilities that prepare and serve food, but only for delivery or carry out.
  • Gas stations and auto-supply, auto-repair and related facilities.
  • Laundromats, dry cleaners and laundry service providers.
  • Hardware stores.

In the event that you need to leave your home, it is absolutely imperative to practice strict social distancing requirements and to wear a face mask. Stay at least six feet away from other individuals, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds as frequently as possible, use hand sanitizer, cover your coughs or sneezes, regularly clean high-touch surfaces and do not shake hands.

School Response & Remote Learning Plan
At Delphi, we are committed to the safety of our staff and students. Our efforts are dedicated to ensuring the continued education of all our Delphi students in this unprecedented situation. Even at a distance, teachers and staff are working to create dynamic learning opportunities that will keep students engaged and progressing towards graduation. To this effect we are implementing our distance learning approach as follows:

  1. Every student will have access to Google Classroom using
  2. Enrichment videos will be posted on YouTube and also be accessible through Google Classroom.
  3. ParentSquare will continue to be used for class and all-school communications.
  4. Most instruction and interaction will take place through Google Classroom and utilizing video meet-up tools such as Google Hangouts and Google Meet.
  5. Certain classes, such as music and dance, may be taught through Zoom. Delphi students can also take free Zoom workshops through the Delphian School if they coordinate with their teacher.

Parents are asked to regularly check ParentSquare for updates and communication from teachers and management at Delphi. Google Classroom has been launched at all levels, starting from the oldest students and working down to the youngest. As these are new systems and methods for everyone, we appreciate your patience and cooperation as teachers set up communications and create new videos and content for the children. There will be a learning curve but soon we hope everyone has a new routine and is able to progress together.

Delphi Academy will continue to follow county and state mandates for sheltering in place and will not reopen the campus until it is safe to do so. There will also likely be a short period of cleaning, room reorganization and prep before the doors are reopened to students with new health precautions in place.

Upon return, teachers will be ready to reorient students to the classroom, review materials completed during distance learning, ensure students' mastery before moving on, and review graduation targets. We are presently assessing how to help more students attend Delphi Summer Camp to help make up for the current interruption. At this time, Delphi Summer Camp is projected to occur as originally scheduled, starting June 15. It will not look the same as past summers as we will not have camping trips and may even need to deliver our camp experience through remote learning.

At present, we will make every effort to provide all materials and lessons digitally. There may be some situations where parents need to pick up extra materials from the school. While we want to minimize such travels, it is currently admitted under the county order item 10.h.iii "Travel to or from educational institutions for purposes of receiving materials for distance learning...". As much as possible, our staff and teachers are working from home, so we must emphasize that any visits to the school campus must be pre-arranged with a specific appointment with your child's teacher, and that such visits should be extremely rare. Parents and staff must wear a mask when coming to the school, in accordance with current mandates.

Talking to Your Child About COVID-19
Your children may have questions regarding the Coronavirus and you may be looking for resources regarding this. This article has ideas for discussing this topic with young children:

And here is information about the Coronavirus presented cartoon-style that may be appropriate for older students:

Stay Healthy
Please do your best to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Take a walk, or work from your backyard. Keep a safe distance but allow yourself to get fresh air and connect with friends and family. The well-being of all members of our Delphi family is top of mind.

Links & Further Resources

California Dept of Public Health School Guidance for COVID-19

Santa Clara County Public Health

Order of the Health Officer SCC

Santa Clara County Office of Education - News & Updates

NBC - Bay Area Coronavirus Resources

How to Make a Face Mask - from the CDC

Internet Services
Per the County of Santa Clara Public Health Department, beginning March 16, for 60 days, households with K-12 and college students who don't already have internet through the company can contact the companies at the phone numbers below directly to arrange free services:

  • Charter and Spectrum: 1-844-488-8395
  • Comcast: (English) 855-846-8376; (Spanish) 855-765-6995

Delphi has a certain number of Chromebooks that can be checked out by students to help make distance learning easier at home. If you are finding that your student needs a school Chromebook, please notify your child's teacher who will coordinate the computer checkout with the Dean.

Health and Distancing Regulations on Campus
With new recommendations from the CDC and our county health department, we are publishing our health and social distancing regulations for anyone who comes to the school campus.

1. Teachers and staff on campus must keep a minimum of 6' apart and wear masks at all times. The only exception to this rule is when a teacher or examiner is at their desk conversing with a student through video chat and their voice must be heard clearly. In those cases, the staff member should be alone in their room or with a significant distance between them and any other person.

2. Parents coming to campus to pick up materials should not be entering the building and going around the school. Parents picking up materials should wear masks and gloves. We have a table set up in the front lobby with materials for pick-up. When staff open the door, please stand back 6' and keep appropriate distancing. Visitors must maintain 6' distancing if arriving at the same time and take turns picking up their school materials.

3. Children should not come to campus. If it is impossible for a parent to pick up materials without bringing their child, the child should have a mask and should not enter the building.

4. Frequent sanitizing must occur. Delphi staff must sanitize door handles and table surfaces after each visitor. Teachers will do their best to provide clean materials, but we ask parents to wipe down textbook covers and materials at home before presenting them to the children as an added precaution.

5. Anyone who feels sick in any way should stay home and not come to campus.

Thank you for heeding these rules, which will help us stop and slow the spread of COVID-19. With diligence, we can all get back to school sooner rather than later.

Essential Business Worker Guidelines
The CDC offers further recommendations for work safety in Essential Businesses, should any staff need to be on campus during the shelter-in-place:

— Do take your temperature before work.

— Do wear a face mask at all times.

— Do practice social distancing as work duties permit.

— Don't stay at work if you become sick

— Don't share headsets or objects used near the face.

— Don't congregate in the break room or other crowded places.

Employer Guidelines for Essential Businesses
The CDC issued these guidelines for employers in essential industries.

— Do take employees' temperature and assess for symptoms prior to their starting work.

— Do increase the frequency of cleaning commonly touched surfaces.

— Do increase air exchange in the building.

— Do send sick workers home immediately.

— Do test the use of face masks to ensure they don't interfere with workflow.

Delphi Academy remains committed to safety for our entire Delphi family – students, parents, teachers, staff and the larger community.