Our Neighbor, the Library

Our Neighbor, the Library

The Campbell Library is now our neighbor at the Community Center in Building E, just a 60 second walk from DaVinci Academy in Building A.  Children can get their first library card (it’s free!) and start enjoying the selections at our local branch.  

You can get a library card for your child online at www.sccld.org or by visiting the library front desk. It only takes a minute or two, and the card will work at any of the Santa Clara County libraries. From the website, you can reserve books, browse the selection and access additional resources, such as music, tutoring and ta.

Checking out books gives children the joy of choosing a book they like and the responsibility of taking care of an item that isn’t theirs and has to be returned. Having lots of books at home can help reduce screen-time. With the convenient location between the school and the north parking lot, families can make it a daily or weekly treat to stop by and exchange books.

Try setting aside time a little time each night to read books together. Make it a special family time, where everyone puts the phones away, turns off the TV, settles into a comfy spot and sinks into a new story! The habit of daily reading, hearing stories read aloud, and talking about the story and illustrations will help your child feel at ease with reading and build their skills and familiarity with books and words.

The library also offers free, take-home crafts and a Summer Reading Program with prizes for signing up and for reading books. Every child who signs up gets a free book so it is a great incentive to keep kids reading all summer long. Since DaVinci students read many books at school, they will have a head start for their reading list!

We'll be taking walking field trips to visit our new neighbor and to learn more about all the resources of the library. In the meantime, take the time to stop by and check it out with your child!