Screen-free Weekend

Whether it's for one hour or one day, mindfully choosing not to use a screen is a healthy challenge. What would you add to our list of non-screen activities?

Screen-free Weekend

The weather here in the Bay Area has turned sunny and warm. But many of us are now so diligently sheltering in place that new habits have formed – namely, not going outside, staying indoors, and using some form of a screen most of the day.

Let's change that!

Ms. Melissa challenged her middle school students to start with one screen-free day this weekend, and she shared some activities she likes to do after she's done teaching for the day:

  • Take a walk (safely and at distance, of course!).
  • Paint on canvas - Ms. Melissa likes to use acrylics paint.
  • Practice the piano and sing along.
  • Take care of the plants in her garden by pulling weeds, watering, etc.

Then, she asked them to put aside their computers, phones, tablets, video games and anything else with a screen for one day on the weekend. Here's a list of even more ideas that could keep a family busy and give a fun break from screens:

  • Learn how to cook a family recipe from Mom or Dad.
  • Play board games as a family. Who can win that game of Monopoly or Uno?
  • Practice an instrument. Maybe even write a song!
  • Learn a new style or technique for art using a pencil, paint, or watercolor.
  • Go outside and paint something beautiful in your backyard.
  • Find some yarn and learn to knit, crochet or finger crochet.
  • Practice your dance moves and have a family dance party. Let everyone choose at least one song that all participants must dance to.
  • Go exploring in your backyard! Are there any interesting flowers, bugs or small dramas of nature to discover?
  • Read a fun new book!
  • Solve a puzzle - crossword, 100 piece, 500 piece, 1,000 piece!  
  • Learn a magic trick and try it out on someone.  
  • Write a story in any genre.
  • Go for a safe, socially distant walk with your family, if this is okay in the area you live in.
  • Check out Santa Clara County Parks maps for wide trails for safe hiking.
  • Build a model of something that interests you. Could be from a kit or with objects and pieces you find around the house.  
  • Write and star in your own play or monologue.
  • Create an escape room using riddles, puzzles, and problem-solving for your friends to try to solve.
  • Go through your belongings and see if there are things you've outgrown that you can donate. Put them in a box to give away.
  • Sketch a view you see outside your window, or of your family or pet indoors.
  • Plant some seeds.
  • Pick flowers and press them.
  • Make cards and write letters to people you miss. Send them in the mail.
  • Ask someone if they need help with something and do it, even if it's organizing the pantry or cleaning a room.
  • Invent and design a new board game or card game and play it with your family.
  • See how far you can long jump and try to improve your initial length.
  • How many sit-ups can you do in one minute? How about your parents?
  • Is your friend graduating this year?  Write them a note to congratulate them to help them celebrate!

These days, we utilize devices with screens to do everything! Students attend class and submit work via screens; parents order groceries and connect with work colleagues through screens. Are you up for the challenge? Let's get up, stretch, and find creative, face-to-face ways to spend our time for one day... or the whole weekend!

Delphi students – we can't wait to hear what activities, crafts and new things you've tried while taking a break from screens.